Retractable Awnings

The retractable awning is valued especially for its ability to moderate the indoor climate, thereby reducing the cost of air conditioning. It's like a huge umbrella that gets installed over the patio and can be retracted in several ways. Manual or motorized, with or without wind detector, the retractable awning can control the amount of light your patio receives. The advantage is that it's permanently installed, so no seasonal storage is necessary.

Warning: this awning is sensitive to wind and rain. You must remain nearby whenever the awning is used so that it may be retracted if the weather turns bad.


The structure of a traditional awning wasn't designed to be aesthetically pleasing during the off season. To overcome this problem, we offer awnings where the hardware comes in five colours of enamelled aluminum extrusion, and we use colour-coordinated fasteners to give a uniform look to the awning.

Available Colours

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