Raised awnings

A raised awning is a stationary awning used when there isn't enough incline, that is, when the wall isn't high enough to allow the desired projection. We have to build up the bottom of the cornice to bring it to the right height. Thanks to our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to meet all your expectations.


If you have a patio with an irregular outline, it is possible for you to have an angled stationary awning. We have developed corner pieces that allow us to build whatever you need.

N.B. : At the end of summer, the owner of a stationary awning must take down the fabric for the winter. There is more than one way to do this. You can do it yourself, or simply call our team of experts.


Do your clients enjoy relaxing on a deck? A commercial awning is the ideal solution for getting the most out of your deck space, because the covered area becomes weather resistant and provides welcome relief from the sun. What's more, a well made awning that bears your colours will make your company stand out.


The retractable awning is valued especially for its ability to moderate the indoor climate, thereby reducing the cost of air conditioning. It's like a huge umbrella that gets installed over the patio and can be retracted in several ways. Manual or motorized, with or without wind detector, the retractable awning can control the amount of light your patio receives. The advantage is that it's permanently installed, so no seasonal storage is necessary.

Warning: this awning is sensitive to wind and rain. You must remain nearby whenever the awning is used so that it may be retracted if the weather turns bad.


Trailer awnings create a different atmosphere while providing protection from the elements. To install a trailer awning, we recommend using a spring-loaded or stationary pole. The fabric is usually made of vinyl and you can add screening or polymer curtains, effectively doubling your living space for the summer.


Being outside without the presence of pesky insects, winds and rain is now a reality. You can add to your awning curtains that protect you from the sun, precipitations, winds and insects. We offer mosquito screen curtains, polymer curtains and Sunbrella view® shade fabric curtains. By adding these curtains to your awning you can extend the duration of use of your awning.

Here is a brief overview of our different types of curtains.

Mosquito Screen Curtain

Curtain designed to keep insects out of your awning area.

Sunbrella View® Shade Fabric

This curtain is the ideal solution to retain your privacy from the prying eyes of passersby and neighbors while keeping the wind flowing through your awning. This shade fabric filters up to 93% of the sun`s heat and light keeping interior environments cool during warmer months. This curtain works as a thermal filter, reducing the greenhouse effect in summer. This fabric is available in multiple colors to best match your awning pattern.

All our curtains are mounted on rails and are movable so you can use them or not depending on your needs.

You can mix these different types of curtains to best suit your needs

Polymer Curtain

Curtain designed to protect you from the rain, wind and cold. We offer it in three different shades from clear to very dark. This curtain can give you privacy from the prying eyes of passersby and neighbors.

Pole cover

A pole cover is an accessory that cover your pole with the same fabric as your awning giving you a better looking awning installation.


Window awnings

Window awnings are generally used indoors to keep the heat of the sun under control during the summer. We offer several types of window awnings, such as:

  • 1 slope for sliding windows,
  • 2 or 3 slopes for crank windows,
  • dome-shaped to give your home a unique and stylish look.

Smoking shelters

Smoking shelters make it possible for employees to have a designated location for smoking while complying with the government's tobacco laws.

Tent & pavilon

The pavilion or tent is a freestanding structure (that is not attached to the house structure). Just like the stationary awning, it is possible to add options such as screening, polymer curtains, and pole covers.


A portico lends an attractive look to your home at any time of year when rigid removable polymer walls are attached to it.

A variety of fabric

We can manufacture a wide variety of fabrics according to your specifications.


The structure of a traditional awning wasn't designed to be aesthetically pleasing during the off season. To overcome this problem, we offer awnings where the hardware comes in five colours of enamelled aluminum extrusion, and we use colour-coordinated fasteners to give a uniform look to the awning.